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My Name Is Derek Armson

I am an internet marketer and I make a sizable portion of my money selling affiliate products online. I'm based in the UK and have been working from my home office full time since March 2012. 

I spend the colder months in my Spanish apartment in Nerja, Southern Spain. I still 'work' while I'm out there but as you can imagine the days are easier and the commute is much shorter :-)

Being able to live this type of lifestyle has changed my life completely and I owe a big portion of that change to affiliate marketing because with affiliate marketing, all I need are my laptop and an Internet connection.  

I also run my own successful SEO and digital marketing company and help other companies with their online marketing through consulting. 

I would really like to share my knowledge and experiences with you and help you become financially independent too and and have the freedom to live the life you want that affiliate marketing brings.

Let me share them with you now.

This eBook has been handwritten by me 

And contains all the information you will need to make good income from affiliate marketing using various little known techniques that have worked amazingly for me over the years. 

These are not 'magic bullet' or 'shiny object' sales fluff. They are solid, tried and tested methods that always work and always will.

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